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The hosiery you have just bought requires special attention to make them last and look flawless.

  • Putting your hosiery on

 Before opening the package, please make sure you have the correct size. It is important because of the intimate nature of these items we only accept returns if unopened. Please refer to the size on the back of each package.

Before taking the hosiery out of the package make sure no rough skin and sharp nails will cause harm to it.

  • Use of hosiery gloves/fine cotton gloves specially designed for putting on hosiery to lower the risk of snagging. If you are putting tights on a small portion of lotion can also be applied to avoid snagging. Do not use lotion if you are putting hold ups on because it will prevent them from holding properly.
  • Take all jewellery off which could come into contact with your hosiery.
  • Start with gathering one leg down at your toes while sitting or lying on your back.
  • Slip one foot into it, gently pull and release the fabric with both hands up to your ankle and further up over your knee.
  • Repeat with the other leg using the same method. 
  • If you are putting tights on, stand up and gently roll the fabric up over the hips with both hands, continue until the waistband is in place.
  • If you are putting hold ups on make sure that you have not applied any lotion because it will prevent the elastic bands from holding your hosiery properly.
  • If you are putting stockings on the right size is even more important. Nylon and fully fashioned stockings do not stretch extensively, stockings in LYCRA are more expandable.
  • Make sure that you are wearing a suspender belt of fully functional clasps. Faulty metal clips may ruin your hosiery.
  • Separate the clips from the rubber base, slip the rubber base under the welt of the stocking. The welt is the thicker uppermost part of your stocking designed for receiving the clips. Place the clips in place and fasten them.

Taking them off

  • Simply do the reverse of putting them on.

Storing your hosiery

  • Keep your hosiery separate from other clothes. You may prefer hosiery bags for storage. 


  • Your hosiery is delicate, please hand-wash it gently every time in lukewarm soapy water without rubbing or wringing.
  • Hang it to drip dry or lay it flat dry between two towels. Avoid direct heat and do not iron.