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Beauty Night Narine Set



Fiore Louise Stockings



Trasparenze Diocle Tights


Fiore Arabesque Hold Ups


Ballerina 515 Fishnet Tights


Ballerina focuses on elegance and comfort in their designs, and pays attention to details in their high  levels of quality control. What makes Ballerina special is the teamwork of highly qualified designers and  technicians, who create their unique collections of high quality tights, hold-ups and stockings. Ballerina  creates unique 'in-house 'designs which keep pace with customer’s demands for modern fashion.

Ballerina 379 Hold Ups Ivory

Ballerina Sale

Ballerina 412 Tights - Black


Beauty Night Collection Romance Stockings - Black

Beauty Night

Fiore Sandrine Hold ups

Black Hold Ups

Fiore Louise Stockings

Black Stockings

Trasparenze Scandal Strip panty

Bodystockings & Strip Panties

Gift Card

Bridal accessories

Gabriella Exclusive Hold Ups - White

Bridal hold ups

Wide range of bridal hold ups from patterned to plain and lace top stockings in white, ivory and other colours.


Beauty Night Collection Romance Stockings

Bridal stockings

Wide range of bridal stockings from patterned to plain and lace top stockings in white, ivory and other colours.


ballerina 118 white tights

Bridal Tights

A wide range of bridal tights from patterned to plain in white and ivory.


Cette Berlin Stockings (Black/Tenderesse)


Belgian brand of high-quality stockings, pantyhose and shaping articles targeting the more demanding customer. The Cette® collection is distributed exclusively by specialist retailers.

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Cette tights

Cindylove - The Sophia Bodystockings


Our Cindylove collection is an alluring and seductive range of body stockings.

Each one an array of different patterns seamlessly interwoven, crafted with great detail and intricate designs to enhance the curves and contours of the body.

Fiore Sandrine Hold ups

Colours - Black


Gerbe Tresor Chic

Colours - Brown


Ballerina 295 Hold Ups

Colours - grey / smoke


Gerbe Voile Boutique 20

Colours - Natural, nude


Gerbe Sauvage Tights

Colours - other colours


Gabriella Gala Hold Ups - Hazelnut

Colours - patterned


Trasparenze Sfinge Tights

Colours - white / ivory / ecru


Gerbe Totally Fleur Tights



Ballerina 419 Hold ups - Black and Skin


Fiore Catherine Hold Ups

Dotted hold ups

Gabriella Caty Tights

Dotted tights

Fiore Louise Stockings


We are inspired by strong, modern and confident women. A FiORE woman is naturally sensual and subtle and surrounds herself by unobtrusive beauty. At the same time, she is a flirt and a provocateur, who finds strength in her sensuality. And is always classy – tres chic!

Fiore Kiss Me Tights


Gabriella Kabarette Collant 151 Tights


Ballerina 512 Fishnet Hold Ups Blue Velt

Fishnet Hold Ups


Fiore Burlesque Stockings

Fishnet Stockings


Gabriella Kabarette Collant 151 Tights

Fishnet Tights


Maison Close Sheer Cut & Curled Stockings 20 Denier


Maison Close Sheer Cut & Curled Stockings 20 Denier

French Stockings1

Gerbe Mousse Altesse 20 RHT Stockings

French Stockings2

Gabriella Linette Tights


Gabriella is an award winning hosiery brand. All the products are manufactured in Europe using state of the art manufacturing equipment and techniques. Exceptional quality and innovative design are the key strengths behind this exciting brand.


Gerbe Sauvage Tights

Gaspard Yurkievich fashion collection

Since 2010, GERBE works in partnership with the Parisian designer Gaspard Yurkievich who was recently named among the ten world’s most influential fashion designer and proposes a very creative and offbeat alternative collection to its annual collection. GERBE tights are spotted on many podiums such as Gaspard Yurkievich one of course, Balenciaga, Jean Paul Gaultier, Guy Laroche, Pedro Lourenço…

Gerbe Plumetis Hold Ups

Gerbe of Paris


The brand GERBE has built its reputation for excellence on essential values, which still contributes to its success and continuity: a traditional and artisanal manufacturing 100% made in France, a unique “Savoir Faire”, but also exclusive material choices and a handmade “Haute Couture” confection providing unmatchable comfort.

Firmly rooted in the fashion world, GERBE has imposed its own codes and stands out from its competitors whilst offering high-end luxury items that meet the current requirements of a fast changing market.

Gabriella Exclusive Hold Ups - Nude

Gift hold ups


Ballerina 289 Stockings

Gift stockings


Gabriella Calze Hold Ups Plus Size

Gift tights


Gio Fully Fashioned Stockings - Point Heel, Black


Gio manufactures authentic ranges of Fully Fashioned (seamed) and Reinforced Heel and Toe (seamless) stockings on original Reading knitting machines. They are one of the last remaining companies in the world to knit Fully Fashioned stockings on these authentic machines just as they were made in the 1960’s, only a handful remain operational in the world today.
Gio Reinforced Heel and Toe (RHT) Full Contrast Stockings - Natural / Black

gio stockings

Gio 6 Strap Suspender Belt - Lace, Black

gio suspenders

Gabriella Exclusive Hold Ups - Graphite

Glamorous hold ups

Maison Close Sheer Cut & Curled Stockings 20 Denier

Glamorous stockings

Ballerina 414 Tights - Black

Glamorous tights

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A combination of luxurious materials, great manufacturing and elegance – guaranteed to make a woman’s heart beat faster.

Hold Ups

Hold Ups


Cette Salzburg Hold ups


Find the best prices for the last pieces.
Choose from the finest quality Belgian, French and Italian brands at 25% off.

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Ballerina 420 Hold ups - Grey and Black

Hush Hush Collection by Ballerina

Ballerina focuses on elegance and comfort in their designs, and pays attention to details.
Some models contain scientifically formulated pheromone concentrate and are delicately perfumed.

Pheromones are naturally occurring volatile substances emitted by living organisms, including humans. The micro-signals transmitted by the pheromones are read by our subconscious brain. Pheromones trigger a response from people you meet for the first time, as well as from old friends. The effect is immediate: you feel more confident, make better first impression, engender greater trust.

Thanks to the latest patent technology - Hush Hush -hold ups with pheromones help you feel special, subtly highlighting your sex appeal.  With Hush Hush you can emanate an attractive and readable aura of self-confidence.

Trasparenze Scandal Strip panty


Trasparenze Scandal Strip panty


Jonathan Aston - Vintage Contrast Seam and Heel Stockings

Jonathan Aston London

Jonathan Aston is an iconic British brand heralding from the high streets of the 60’s, recognised for its fashion forward legwear and popular with the British It girl and fashionistas globally.

Founded in Leicester in the UK in 1965, founder Ralph Salem used knitting machines that had previously only been used to produce plain tights to produce ‘ fashion hosiery’, soon an iconic brand was born- with the likes of Twiggy and Jean Shrimptom all being fans.

From its retro beginnings the Jonathan Aston brand continues to be synonymous for being the go to brand for It girls everywhere. From essential opaques and classic vintage back seam tights to on-trend leggings and anklets- Jonathan Aston has everything in legwear covered!
Fiore Francine Hold Ups

Lace Collection

Fiore Francine Hold Ups


Gabriella Silvana Strip Panty


Gabriella Gracya Tights

Last pieces '20

Everything here is 50% off. These lines are discontinued products and we won't keep them in stock. Last chance to pick up a pair of them. 

Gabriella Long Leggings 100 DEN

Leggings - Gabriella


Ballerina 294 Hold Ups


Maison Close Sheer Striped Top Stockings

Maison Close

Maison Close: more than a brand, a philosophy and a lifestyle.  Imagining rich and sensual collections to glorify women, to make them desirable and mischievous, without neglecting an essential notion of comfort: such is the commitment of this avant-garde and subtly deant label, crowned Boudoir Brand of the Year in the United Kingdom in 2013 and «Seduction Brand of the Year» in France in 2015.

Maison Close radiates a strong identity and has caught the eye of the worlds most inuent photographers, stylists and fashion icons, including Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, and Rihanna.

CETTE Paris Hold Ups - Available in 2 more colours



Gabriella Gala Hold Ups - Hazelnut


Fiore Arabesque Hold Ups

Nude hold ups

Oroblu Lycia Stockings - Nude

Nude stockings

Oroblu Magie 20 Tights - nude

Nude tights

Fiore Francine Hold Ups


Ballerina 220 Hold Ups

Opaque Hold Ups


Fiore Francine Hold Ups

Opaque hold ups

Ballerina 289 Stockings

Opaque Stockings


Maison Close Opaque Cut & Curled Stockings 70 Denier

Opaque stockings

Oroblu Animal Fancy Tights

Opaque Tights


Oroblu Animal Fancy Tights


OROBLU is the renown synonym of Italian quality and design. Oroblu's Fashion and Luxury Collections simultaneously reflect on tradition and innovation. Oroblu offers the finest materials combined with the greatest creativity.
Comfort. Elegance. Fashion.

Oroblu Cloe Tights - in Black / black or Black / white


Oroblu Cloe Tights - in Black / black or Black / white


Ballerina 514 Fishnet Tights Pomegranate

Other colour tights

Gabriella Gala Hold Ups - Hazelnut


CETTE Paris Hold Ups Plus Size

Plus Size

Zohara “Queen Of Hearts” Powder Print Tights


Gerbe Sauvage Tights


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Gabriella Cher Stockings


Gabriella Linette Tights


Gabriella Linette Hold Ups - Beige

Seamed Hold ups

Gio Fully Fashioned Stockings - Cuban Heel, Electric Blue

Seamed stockings

Gabriella Linette Tights

Seamed tights

Fiore Francine Hold Ups

Sheer Hold Ups

Fiore Louise Stockings

Sheer Stockings


Oroblu Magie 20 Tights - nude

Sheer Tights





Stop & Stare Tattoo Printed Tights

Stop & Stare Tattoo Printed Tights

Trasparenze Scandal Strip panty

Strip panty

Trasparenze Magnolia Hold Ups


All items in our SUMMER SALE are 20% off now while stocks last. The discount is automatic, no code required.

Trasparenze Sara Suspender  - Red



Gio 8 Strap Suspender Belt - Lace, White


Oroblu Flower Blooms Tights

The FLORALCollection

Maison Close Sheer Cut & Curled Stockings 20 Denier

The French Collection



Oroblu Magie 20 Tights

Tights - black


Oroblu Animal Fancy Tights

Tights - Patterned




The company manufacturing the TRASPARENZE range, CALZIFICIO NUOVA VIRGILIANA SPA, was founded in 1985 by the Bandioli's family. Exquisite design is paired with noble fibres silkwool (also cashmere) and cotton, with the addition of elastane for a perfect fit. All items are perfect companions in every woman's wardrobe.


Trasparenze Scandal Strip panty

Trasparenze Classic

Trasparenze Mirtillo Tights

Trasparenze Tights

Trasparenze Mirtillo Tights


Gift Card


Each year on February 14th, people exchange cards, gifts or flowers with their “Valentine.” Give yours something special this year.
Seamed Stockings Champagne - Teal

What Katie Did

"At What Katie Did we create and produce beautifully cut, high-quality and
affordable lingerie, corsetry, and hosiery inspired by the 1940s and 1950s.

Our designs are based on vintage patterns, adapted only slightly for modern
figures, using authentic fabrics and even old-fashioned production methods
wherever possible.

We're proud of our close-knit team, high standards, and enthusiasm for great
customer service, all of which have earned us fans worldwide, and led
to What Katie Did being worn by stars as lofty as Claudia Schiffer and Mad
Men's Christina Hendricks. But really, we make our beautiful lingerie for
every woman, so she can look and feel like a bombshell, any day of the
cette glasgow opaque tights black


To keep warm and stylish this season choose from our Winter Collection, a wide range of choice for all occasions. Look for cotton for warmth and comfort.

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The Zohara - Art on Tights range is a colourful and unique collection with a wide range of styles, allowing every woman to find the right design for her and enjoy a style that is fashionable yet comfortable.