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About Us

For years we have been ordering all sorts of tights and stockings for different seasons and occasions. We have always loved beautiful hosiery.

When we decided to start a small business, we faced a not unusual problem: we had a limited budget but still we wanted to do something great.

We spent days and nights on refining our plans, and then re-planned and re-planned.

That is how our shop got its current shape. And here is this rather lengthy introduction to explain why it is shaped up differently from others.

We looked around and found that shops offer more or less the same selections everywhere.

There is so much more! There are lots of great brands and charming models that we think you may like but have had no chance to order.  Since we are small and there are numberless wonderful items, we decided to make them available for you with a little a twist.

We do not keep every item ready to ship, thus for some of them shipping may take longer than what you are used to. We know, it is a bit of inconvenience but we honestly believe that our choice and the quality will reward your patience.

More and more items will be available for instant delivery as we grow.

As a token of our appreciation of your understanding and help for us to bring you latest and most exciting models, please let us cover part of your shipping costs. If you order an ready to ship and a pre-order item together and you wish to receive your ready to ship item sooner than the other one with the longer shipping time, you only pay for the shipping of the ready to ship item. The second parcel will be delivered to you for free of charge.

Furthermore, if your order is over £50, shipping will cost you nothing, regardless of whether you wish to have your order shipped in one or in two parcels.

We hope you will find everything you came here for: wonderful products and excellent service. 
Are you looking for a model and you can’t find it in our shop? Please, contact us, we will do our best to find it for you. 

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It is our true pleasure to welcome you to Mystockings!