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Ballerina 300

The Instagram community also appreciates hosiery. Today's piece is the contribution of a young lady who passionately loves nylons:

"I go by the name Instagram name @goddessofnylon where you can join me in my love on nylons. I share my ever growing personal collection with my followers, from stockings to hold ups to tights. I wear nylons as a way of expressing my fun and creative side and enjoy sharing it with fellow nylon lovers."

As a lover of nylons I naturally fell in love with the mystockings collection after coming across the company's Instagram page. I knew I had to have a pair (or ten) for myself. The most difficult part was choosing just one pair and in the end I settled on the Ballerina 300 mock hold ups. For me, as much as I love hold ups and stockings, I find tights to be much more comfortable and practical. So when I came across these tights which give the appearance of stockings, I knew they would be the perfect ones for me. 
After much anticipation my beautifully hand wrapped gold package arrived in the post and I could instantly tell the quality would be amazing. The tights felt lovely and soft and fitted perfectly, I opted for a large size to ensure they were comfy.
I was struck by the beautiful attention to detail of the pattern and subtle hints of blue which gave them a really high quality look. After wearing them for few hours I was very satisfied with how comfy they are and how amazing they make me feel. With the combination of quality and beautiful designs at a very reasonable price It will only be a matter of time before the whole mystockings collection finds its way into my house!

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Ballerina 300
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