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Cette Cristal Stockings

Cette Cristal Stockings

by Ladyruffdiamond

About Ladyruffdiamond:

"I am a regular person, NOT a model, I just love lingerie, nylons, and to look nice! I am 46 years old, happily married, and have a regular job, so NO this is not paid work, its all simply to share my purchases."


Cette is a Belguim brand of nylons, this is first time I have bought from this brand. These were £7.50 (with free shipping to uk) from the Mystockings store.  They are 18 denier, have a reinforced toe, plain welt, and a blend of 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane.

The price of these stockings is reasonable for an everyday stocking. I have worn them all day so far and they have worn well.  

First thing I noticed upon opening them was the fact the felt soft, and for a lower price stocking it was nice surprise, even when wearing them they feel smooth to touch, I reckon its all down to the fact they are stated on the Cette website as being "satin covered Lycra", which also gives them a very subtle sheen.

I am wearing large which fits me fine, I think if I was little taller or wider on the thigh I would have struggled, as they only come up two thirds up my thigh, but I have my own preference of wearing stockings I like them quite high up. 

So far they have been very good to wear all day, I have though put a hole in the thigh but thankfully its not turned into a run which is good sign they will last a few wears. 

 They come in only black or nude, and for an everyday stocking I would say get a pair!


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