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We're blushing! (Just a little) by SheSparks - Positively Ageless Style

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SheSpark’s mission is to promote positive self image and lifestyle for women over 40. We’ve created the following programs in support of that mission:
— Offer a free weekly e-publication because all women should have access to experts, information, and inspiration for looking and feeling our best.
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Party Season is upon us, which means we can strut some seriously sexy designer stockings. We know that Europeans embrace these sensual accessories with great fervor, so we asked THE expert which designs she’s loving for us over- 40 women as we ring in 2019.
Kriszta founded MyStockings (in the United Kingdom) based on her passion for designer stockings. “We looked around and found that shops offer more or less the same selections everywhere… There is so much more! There are lots of great brands and charming models that we think you may like but have had no chance to order,” she explained.
In order to offer high-quality stockings while keeping low inventory and staying cost effective, Kriszta’s team came up with another approach: They submit your personal order directly to the design houses.  Receiving your purchase may take a bit longer, but this way you have direct access to the best boutique designs through one online storefront. Since they ship internationally (with free international shipping for purchases £75 or more), you get these sexy stockings delivered direct.
That said, let’s dive right into Kriszta’s top picks for holiday parties and 2019 date nights. These designer stockings are guaranteed to turn heads, open doors, and get your sexy on!

Trasparenze Stockings (Italian)

Exquisite designs, noble fibres silk, wool (also cashmere) and cotton in addition to elastane.
Sheer stockings with an elegant but subtle Swarovski crystal application at the ankle.
$33.44 USD
Sheer tights embellished with a cascade of crystalline stones applied individually over the entire leg, centered around the knee.
$ 62.61 USD

Oroblu Stockings (Italy)

Innovation and tradition are the words that best describe this premium brand.
Fine sheer black tights with delicately shimmering gold seams for an elongating effect.
$16.72 USD
Oroblu riga lux tights

Maison Close (France)

Named seduction brand of the year at online retailer Lemon Curve‘s French Lingerie Awards for the second year in a row. (2016) Founded by Nicolas Busnel in 2006 with the goal of offering erotic lingerie that maintained a chic and retro image, 10 years and one flagship store later the success of the Parisian label is well established with style icons such as Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne and Rihanna wearing Maison Close pieces.
$35.07 USD

Latest European Trends from BALLERINA

The New “Blue Night Collection” by Ballerina combines delicate design elements with the combination of the color black, blue and gold. Elegant, unique designs, high quality materials and femininity.
You don’t have to show off these thigh-flattering embellishments to feel sexy all night long. Save the “big reveal” for dessert!
$21.18 USD

If blue is your color (or your date’s color!), than these are your new favorite stockings. Two silicone strips inside the lace trim band keep everything in place.
$21.18 USD

If you love the idea of faux suspenders but find them troublesome, look no further. These stockings designed them seamlessly (literally) into these silky soft hold ups. Same effect, much easier to wear.
$21.18 USD



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